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A Habitat home is the result of many hands assembling thousands of components, just to assure that the lights come on, the water runs and the roof doesn’t leak. Many of these parts are donated by local residents and builders, others are purchased at discounts from local businesses, and still others are provided by Habitat International through grants and partnerships. Our building lots are leased to us by the Town of Nantucket and restricted to use only for affordable housing.


But the most important resources in the program are the volunteers – those hundreds of hands working thousands of hours to fulfill a dream for someone they may not even know, at least at first. Each contributes according to their own talents.


The Habitat family itself invests 350 hours of “sweat equity” in building their own home. A contraction supervisor must be present during building hours from 9am-12pm Thursday-Saturday. The result is a source of pride and accomplishment that many have never experienced – either the homeowner or the volunteer. 


Most often Habitat work is associated with sharp objects and spinning blades, but there is more you can do to make a meaningful contribution. Habitat Nantucket is a developer, a bank, a mortgage processor, an educator

and a non-profit, so there is always a lot going on to

help with. 


Looking for an outing for your work group? Perhaps something other than the company picnic. Bring your picnic to a work day at the building site and take advantage of an opportunity to build your team, even while you’re building a dream for a homeowner. Few experiences are more rewarding for a work group, or contribute more to building your team. Contact us to schedule, and to work out details.


Working with the Interfaith Council, Habitat Nantucket is encouraging congregations and faith-based groups to embrace Habitat as one of their missions and to join us in fulfilling the dreams of working Nantucket families. There are many ways for congregational groups to partner with us:

  1. Congregations may raise the funds and provide the labor to sponsor a home. That is, a congregation may sponsor a house individually or join with another congregation to raise the money and build a house together.

  2. Congregations may make cash donations, offer in-kind goods and services, provide food for workers or support building projects in other ways.

  3. Congregations may send a group of volunteers out one time or on a regular (monthly) basis to help construct a home.

Churches can sponsor an event, a mailing or fundraiser for Habitat Nantucket.

Congregations can support Habitat Nantucket events by volunteering to perform tasks to plan or deliver an event, and by publicizing and attending Habitat events throughout the year.

Follow our calendar and include us in your community announcements during weekly services.






Perhaps you have tiled a floor, hung a door, installed trim or put up a wall, or painted, or have always wanted to learn how. Whether you’re an experienced tradesman or a complete novice, you can help to fulfill a dream for a deserving family. Look at the map in the sidebar to see where we’re currently building.  Then sign up below for the newsletter to keep up to date on our work schedule. Our on-site supervisor can identify a project best suited to your talents and interests. And you will meet some new friends.


Just because you don’t feel adept with a hammer, or may not be available on weekend work days should not suggest that you cannot contribute. Please consider your interests and skills, and look over the work of the Committees identified below. It’s likely there is a place for you serving on a committee, helping with office tasks or organizing a special event.

Let us know where you would like to help by contacting us.

Committees of volunteers are how we accomplish our work, and each has its assigned tasks and objectives. Each Committee Chair is responsible for identifying and recruiting volunteers with needed skills to assure sufficient resources are available to successfully fulfill the committee objectives. In general, a Committee Chair is also a Board member, but it is not required. Some have ongoing conflicts with regular Board meetings, but still want to contribute, and are qualified to lead an effort in a particular discipline.


Family Selection identifies families in need of affordable housing and creates the criteria for selecting among applications. The committee advertises, conducts informational meetings, gathers applicant information, conducts interviews and recommends selections to the Board of Directors.

Family support assists the family with the transition from tenant to homeowner through education and ongoing mentoring. The goal of family selection is to help the selected family succeed in their new environment. Together with the Construction Committee, this group authors and maintains the content of the homeowners manual and creates the curriculum for homeowner training.


Responsible for all phases of house design and construction, compliance with city, county, state, and federal requirements, permitting and inspections.

This committee is responsible for development and tracking of

constructions budgets, monitoring cost and quality, identification and selection of sub-contractors where required, identification of donated materials, labor

and equipment, sequencing of construction activities, and selection of

purchased materials and tools. This group evaluates suitability of donated buildings and works with the Site Selection Committee on site evaluation.

On-site volunteer supervision and training is managed by a

part-time employed Site Supervisor.


A part-time position that provides support for all committee work. The Office Manager is the primary liaison with HFHI Corporate for reporting and the current Softwoods Lumber reimbursement program and the annual tithe. Responsible also for financial, donor and volunteer recordkeeping, prepares with Finance the annual budget for Board approval and the monthly report of performance against plan. Pays and reconciles invoices, maintains and reconciles banking accounts, prepares monthly payroll for part-time staff, performs monthly mortgage payment processing and recordkeeping. Prepares Board meeting materials, manages Board member manual content at the direction of the President.

Construction superintendent is a part-time job responsible for organizing and scheduling tasks at the building site and for on-site training of volunteers. Responsible for maintaining a safe and clean work site, and for construction quality including volunteer and subcontractor work, assuring that work meets applicable codes, ordinances, and regulations. The supervisor manages a construction schedule for each house required to achieve the build plan. He proposes and implements plans, processes, and technologies to improve the efficiency, quality, and cost wherever possible after discussion with the Construction Chair, and assures that materials have been received and/or subcontractor work has been completed satisfactorily and reconciles with invoices and bills.


A part-time position that is responsible for engaging with the Nantucket community to maintain and collaborate on efforts to provide affordable housing for the community. Facilitate the process to get Habitat homes on the MA Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) Subsidized Housing Inventory (SHI) list. Responsible for maintaining donor base software, preparing grants applications, annual Fall Appeal and other fundraising efforts.

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